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Welcome to my professional portfolio.

My name is Matthew Kaliszewski and I am currently a Junior at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, Massachusetts. I am majoring in Computer Science and am expecting to graduate in the Summer of 2004.

This is a website that I have created entirely from scratch for my Technical Communications class, not only demonstrate to my website designing abilities, but to give people a place to go to learn more about me. There are some links on the left side of this page that you can click in order to learn a little more about me as an employee, as a student and as a person.

As an employee - I have listed my resume on this page so that you may see all of my work experience as well as all of my other skills and affiliations.

As a student - I have listed some major projects from my Computer Science classes for your viewing. It will give you a good insight into my programming thoughts and methodologies.

As a person - I have listed a few sections that detail what I like to in my spare time. By viewing these pages, you will get a better idea of how well-rounded I am.

I hope you enjoy this page. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.