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Spring Cam Swap Checklist:

Well, everything is finally coming together. Today is April 13th and I just found out that my cylinder heads will be ready for this weekend!!! They even cut the heads for Teflon valve seals!!! I will probably need to do a little grinding/smoothing out because of the bigger seats and then I can lap in the valves, and paint the heads. My cam kit should be here by the same time so hopefully I can get the heads all assembled this weekend!!! :-D

Chevy '416' Cylinder Heads
Fel-Pro Cam Swap Gasket Kit
SLP Header Gaskets
GM 305 Head Gaskets
Mr. Gasket Screw-In Rocker Arm Studs
COMP Cams Rocker Arms 1.52"
COMP Cams XE262H K-Kit
Includes Cam, Lifters, Timing Chain Set, Valve Springs, Spring Retainers, Locks, and Valve Seals
Manley Race-Flo 1.940" Intake Valves
Manley Race-Flo 1.500" Exhaust Valves
COMP Cams Pushrods
Valve Spring Shims
Chrome Timing Chain Cover
Viton Teflon Valve Seals

Standard Abrasives Deluxe Porting Kit
Proform Valve Spring Compressor
Proform Cam Installation Handle
Proform Harmonic Balancer Puller
  Build crank gear puller out of 4.5"x4.5".25" steel

Port & Polish Heads
Heads tapped for shoulder-less Screw-in Rocker Arm Studs
Heads cut for 1.94" Intake Valves (1.84" stock)
3-Angle Valve Job
Install Bronze Valve Guide liners (If clearance is > .005)
Heads milled .040 (raise compression from 8.6 to ~9.1)