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Me: How to make sure that your recently stolen computer stays in your trunk...
: where does is say its stolen?
Me: it doesn't...i threw that in there...
Focker: they could have put it on a payment plan
Me: hahaha
Focker: or got it from rentacenter
Me: note that he is also not wearing shoes...
Focker: or they could have bought it with the credit card they stole from you
Focker: so its not technically a stolen computer
Me: true lol
Me: haha
Me: maybe the bought the computer and stole the car?
Focker: could be
Me: hahaha
Focker: he had to steal the car to get his computer home
Focker: couldn't fit it in the back of his stolen escalade.....too many subwoofers
Me: lol
Me: were bad
Focker: or it could be a computer box with cocaine in it
Focker: who says they know how to turn a computer on
Me: LMFAO oh man im laughing my ass off
Focker: matt, you don't need to be so judgemental.......see they probably didn't steal the computer, there is about 4 other good reasons right there