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MPS Hobbes: u ever fins Josh or anyone else?
Filter4738: wat?
MPS Hobbes
: where did you go be4?
Filter4738: josh's
MPS Hobbes
: cool
Filter4738: goin there tomorrow too
MPS Hobbes
: oh yea?
Filter4738: OMG i just wanna kill brian sooooooo bad
MPS Hobbes
: why? more shit?
Filter4738: i'm talkin to him now
MPS Hobbes
: oh yea?
MPS Hobbes: how?
MPS Hobbes: AIM?
Filter4738: ya
: michelles sn
MPS Hobbes
: whats he sayin
MPS Hobbes: save it after
Filter4738: it is saved
MPS Hobbes
: ok
MPS Hobbes: what was the general jist?
Filter4738: everything
MPS Hobbes
: did he fess up to anythin?
Filter4738: no
MPS Hobbes
: what a pussy
Filter4738: hes all actin dumb
: oh i seen mike
MPS Hobbes
: bruell or fubu?
Filter4738: bruell
: he was like damn
MPS Hobbes
: who was he with?
Filter4738: josh
: red head
MPS Hobbes
: ya
Filter4738: shit i was gonna say somthin else but i forgot
MPS Hobbes
: oh
Filter4738: but w/e maybe u cant count that high
: shit
MPS Hobbes
: heheh
Filter4738: meant 4 brian
MPS Hobbes
: i can gguess who that was towards'
MPS Hobbes: ya lol
Filter4738: oh yea
: i rememm,ber
: when i was talkin to mike at shell, angela and derek pulled up, took a picture of the scratch and left
MPS Hobbes
: wtf?
Filter4738: yea
MPS Hobbes
: weird
Filter4738: fucked up
MPS Hobbes
: i would fuckin ask the DB about it
Filter4738: yea
MPS Hobbes
: say you will mention their names to the cops unless they tell you wtf
Filter4738: i will
: i better remember that
MPS Hobbes
: ask him when hes gonna grow up and realize he cant solve shit by hitting people or fucking with their shit
Filter4738: said it in almost those exact words
MPS Hobbes
: cool
Filter4738: but w/e maybe u cant count that high
: damn
MPS Hobbes
: haha
Filter4738: MeALiLQt (11:39:56 PM): i dont fuck w/ there shit
Filter4738: shit from b4
MPS Hobbes
: ya ok
Filter4738: MeALiLQt (11:40:15 PM): and pple do shut up when u beat them into submission
MPS Hobbes: yeah and then they just start again
MPS Hobbes: fucking deal with it pussy...thats with it or leave
Filter4738: i know
MPS Hobbes
: he obviously had something to do with it...angela & derek wouldnt get involved otherwise
Filter4738: MeALiLQt (11:41:54 PM): cuz all u pple talk shit and i dont care im just sick of it for fucking 3 years i walked around dealing w/ it and now im sick of it
Filter4738: yea i know
: thats the thing
MPS Hobbes
: fucking welcome to the real world
Filter4738: dude, ima get my ass beat if i dont shut up
MPS Hobbes
: everyone has to deal with the same dont see everyone else fucking jumping into peoples cars and beating their asses or hitting them with your car cuz they "talked shit"
MPS Hobbes: dude, you will have like 100+ people behind you
MPS Hobbes: i could easily have a dozen people who dont care about the cops down there in an hour if i knew it would accomplish something
Filter4738: yea i know
: aaaaaaaw shit i closed the window
: but i saved it 2 times so its ok
MPS Hobbes
: man this shit just gets me all all fired up now
Filter4738: me 2 u dont even know
MPS Hobbes
: i cant even sit all shakin & shit
Filter4738: me 2
MPS Hobbes
: did josh say anythin else when you were over at his place?
Filter4738: not really
: i think he was baked man
MPS Hobbes
: lol prolly
MPS Hobbes: hahah -> owen996: hell, could get jay there, if bruel and jay were there, mikey p would bring the munitions
: oh geez
MPS Hobbes
: lol
Filter4738: thats a lil extreme now
MPS Hobbes
: yeah definately, but he also knows a lotta cops
Filter4738: who?
MPS Hobbes
: mikey p
Filter4738: oh
: wats that gonna do?
MPS Hobbes
: if they were around when somethin went down, they could fuck him for all kinda shit
MPS Hobbes: have em sit & wait
Filter4738: lol
: ahhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa
MPS Hobbes
: man, i wish the cops could confiscate that damn camera of angelas...could be something useful on there.....
Filter4738: it was a phone camera
MPS Hobbes
: oh
Filter4738: MeALiLQt (11:56:59 PM): if i was dimirtie id wreck u and your brothers car
MPS Hobbes: yeah, exactly...thats why it wasnt dimitri
Filter4738: yea
: i kow 4 a fact it wasnt
: he was soooo o heated\
MPS Hobbes
: yeah, but you dont know shit without proof...u can think whatever you want, but everyone can act
Filter4738: i know
: but dude, i'm his only transportation, he wouldnt do it
MPS Hobbes
: i hope not
Filter4738: no way
MPS Hobbes
: another reason why i think brian was at least involved...he hasnt said a word to me in the past few days
Filter4738: he knows wat its like
MPS Hobbes
: true
Filter4738 wants to directly connect.
MPS Hobbes declines request; no connection was made. (Note: For best results, you and your buddy should use the latest version of AIM.).
MPS Hobbes: i dunno...i wouldnt trust anyone...he coulda done it and made it look like brian
MPS Hobbes: sorry
MPS Hobbes: try again
Filter4738 wants to directly connect.
Filter4738 is now directly connected.
MPS Hobbes: i realize its highly unlikely, but you gotta be open minded
Filter4738: hold on
MPS Hobbes
: till the cops say otherwise...
Filter4738: they aint gonna do shit
: im the one thats gettin fucked
MPS Hobbes
: i would keep callin and ask what they did and what they found out
Filter4738: yea i will tomorrow
: i'll go down there
MPS Hobbes
: cant hurt...
Filter4738: Filter4738 (11:10:37 PM): ok
Filter4738 (11:10:41 PM): wat about dimitris
Filter4738 (11:10:43 PM): ???
MeALiLQt (11:10:49 PM): dimitris that one time w/ u guys and thats it
Filter4738 (11:11:00 PM): one time? burnouts?
MeALiLQt (11:11:15 PM): only him
Filter4738 (11:11:33 PM): it doesnt matter, i know u dont like me, so y wouldnt u fuck wit my shit
MeALiLQt (11:11:45 PM): i didnt fucking touch your car theres no need
Filter4738 (11:12:15 PM): dude there isnt one doubt in my mind that it wasnt u
MeALiLQt (11:12:25 PM): fuck you
Filter4738 (11:12:52 PM): y should i believe that it wasnt u??
Filter4738 (11:12:54 PM): tell me that
MeALiLQt (11:12:56 PM): i was in fucking sutton then her for a lil then framingham
MeALiLQt (11:13:07 PM): cuz i dont mess w/ pples shuit
MeALiLQt (11:13:14 PM): id rather just break there face
Filter4738 (11:13:17 PM): how can u tell me that u dont
MeALiLQt (11:13:25 PM): CUZ I DONT
Filter4738 (11:13:37 PM): i've seen it first hand
MeALiLQt (11:13:42 PM): DIMIRTI
MeALiLQt (11:13:46 PM): thats it
Filter4738 (11:13:50 PM): still messin with it
Filter4738 (11:13:56 PM): 4 NO REASON
MeALiLQt (11:13:56 PM): no shit
MeALiLQt (11:14:03 PM): there was a reason
MeALiLQt (11:14:08 PM): u did it too and matt and mike
Filter4738 (11:14:25 PM): i didnt touch anything
MeALiLQt (11:14:35 PM): w.e.
MeALiLQt (11:14:41 PM): well i didnt fucking touch your car
MeALiLQt (11:14:46 PM): if i did i would tel you
Filter4738 (11:14:51 PM): no u wouldnt
MeALiLQt (11:14:58 PM): y wouldnt i?
MeALiLQt (11:15:03 PM): wtf would you do haha
Filter4738 (11:15:04 PM): its not over, the police were already called
MeALiLQt (11:15:06 PM): beat me up ahahha

MeALiLQt (11:15:11 PM): o wow
Filter4738 (11:15:22 PM): wat r u talkin about?
MeALiLQt (11:15:25 PM): big bad police gunna charge me for something that i didnt do
Filter4738 (11:15:47 PM): ok, tell me y my car was fucked with and no other one in the driveway
Filter4738 (11:15:49 PM): huh
MeALiLQt (11:16:11 PM): i dont fucking klnow my cars been messed w/ before
MeALiLQt (11:16:16 PM): and not my dads
MeALiLQt (11:16:40 PM): fucking w/ pples shit is not my style
MeALiLQt (11:16:47 PM): so fucking get over it
Filter4738 (11:16:51 PM): yea but u got "beef" wit me and u said it last night
MeALiLQt (11:16:57 PM): when?
MeALiLQt (11:16:57 PM): ?
MeALiLQt (11:16:58 PM): ?
MeALiLQt (11:16:58 PM): ?
Filter4738 (11:16:58 PM): i got katie as a witness
MeALiLQt (11:17:05 PM): hahahah i didnt talk to kt
Filter4738 (11:17:26 PM): michelle knows it too but she aint sayin nuthin
MeALiLQt (11:17:29 PM): i just hate you cuz you fucking got michelle smoking
MeALiLQt (11:17:35 PM): michelle knows wat?
Filter4738 (11:17:36 PM): yea but u told michelle and she told her
MeALiLQt (11:17:42 PM): ok
Filter4738 (11:17:49 PM): i didnt get her smoking, she wanted to
MeALiLQt (11:17:55 PM): w.e.
Filter4738 (11:17:58 PM): she prolly wont tell u that tho
MeALiLQt (11:18:17 PM): keep talking shit to pple about shit i didnt do
MeALiLQt (11:18:28 PM): i would telll you if i did it
Filter4738 (11:18:40 PM): no u wouldnt, cuz u dont wanna get fucked 4 it
MeALiLQt (11:18:56 PM): hahah how wold i get fucked ofr it?
Filter4738 (11:19:07 PM): u'd b payin kid
MeALiLQt (11:19:11 PM): how>?
Filter4738 (11:19:21 PM): omg, r u dumb?
Filter4738 (11:19:28 PM): u know huw much its gonna cost?
MeALiLQt (11:19:31 PM): how u figure
MeALiLQt (11:19:33 PM): i dont care
MeALiLQt (11:19:37 PM): wow a few tires
MeALiLQt (11:19:39 PM): get over it
Filter4738 (11:19:46 PM): $400 for tires, plus the whole back painted
MeALiLQt (11:19:59 PM): paint?
Filter4738 (11:20:09 PM): w/e dont act dumb
MeALiLQt (11:20:15 PM): im fucking not
MeALiLQt (11:20:23 PM): i dint fucking do shitto your car
Filter4738 (11:21:12 PM): keep tellin urself that
MeALiLQt (11:21:30 PM): why dont you come up to my face and acuse me for your bullshit
Filter4738 (11:21:39 PM): i will , i aint scared of u
MeALiLQt (11:21:45 PM): sure u will
Filter4738 (11:22:14 PM): dude u touch me and ur ass will b in jail so fast, i just hope u know that
MeALiLQt (11:22:28 PM): cuz your a big pussy and have to run to the cops
MeALiLQt (11:22:38 PM): lik pussy ass bitch
Filter4738 (11:22:48 PM): yup ima pussy, when i wont admit do my own shit
MeALiLQt (11:22:56 PM): hahah i didnt do shit
Filter4738 (11:24:17 PM): oh yea, so y did u bring the cops to framingham state last night?
MeALiLQt (11:24:41 PM): i didnt u fucking moron i got pulled over and they asked where i was going and brought me there
MeALiLQt (11:24:45 PM): they were rent a cops
MeALiLQt (11:25:09 PM): so dont act like you know what your talking about
Filter4738 (11:25:16 PM): y'd u even go there?
MeALiLQt (11:25:23 PM): pick up michelle
Filter4738 (11:25:26 PM): y>
MeALiLQt (11:25:30 PM): like her mother asked me to
Filter4738 (11:25:32 PM): she cant have friends?
MeALiLQt (11:25:37 PM): and she asked me to
MeALiLQt (11:25:47 PM): well shes done w/ you
MeALiLQt (11:25:51 PM): and kt
Filter4738 (11:25:58 PM): good, cuz i'm done wit both of u
MeALiLQt (11:26:05 PM): wow big loss
Filter4738 (11:26:11 PM): u dont even know

: MeALiLQt (11:27:47 PM): hahahahah
Filter4738 (11:27:59 PM): u laugh now go ahead
MeALiLQt (11:28:06 PM): yea i am
MeALiLQt (11:28:14 PM): go ahead what?
Filter4738 (11:28:43 PM): if u didnt have michelle nad her parents u would b shit
MeALiLQt (11:28:55 PM): ahahha what the fuck u talking about
Filter4738 (11:29:10 PM): they provide everything 4 u and u know it
MeALiLQt (11:29:38 PM): u think so i can go to my parents when ever i want but i choose to be here w/ her
MeALiLQt (11:29:56 PM): im sorry your a fucking goofy bastard and dont even know what a girl is
Filter4738 (11:30:03 PM): yea ok buddy
MeALiLQt (11:30:07 PM): yea
Filter4738 (11:30:17 PM): go ahead and insuly me with girl shit
Filter4738 (11:30:23 PM): insult*
MeALiLQt (11:30:42 PM): and the one girl that likes ya is some lazy eyed twit
Filter4738 (11:31:02 PM): y u makin fun? huh??
MeALiLQt (11:31:13 PM): cuz i can
Filter4738 (11:31:17 PM): michelle is way tooooo good 4 u and i hope she realizes it soon
MeALiLQt (11:31:29 PM): no shit
MeALiLQt (11:32:23 PM): dude u have no right to fucking even talk u dont know what ive been threw and the shit ive had to deal w/
Filter4738 (11:32:38 PM): wat cheatin of her???hows that shit
Filter4738 (11:32:41 PM): on
MeALiLQt (11:33:02 PM): if i grew up in the perfect lil house w/ my perfect lil family i would be a perfect lil pussy like you
MeALiLQt (11:33:11 PM): u have no idea what your fucking talking about
Filter4738 (11:33:15 PM): ok
MeALiLQt (11:33:46 PM): your just jelous cuz no girls touch you
MeALiLQt (11:33:54 PM): cuz your a goofy fuck
Filter4738 (11:34:03 PM): ok, do u think i care about that
Filter4738 (11:34:07 PM): life isnt about that shit
Filter4738 (11:34:20 PM): maybe if u would grow up a lil u would see
MeALiLQt (11:34:28 PM): haha
MeALiLQt (11:34:34 PM): did i say life was abou that?
MeALiLQt (11:34:36 PM): no
Filter4738 (11:34:44 PM): so y u keep bringin it up?
MeALiLQt (11:34:58 PM): hahah im not
MeALiLQt (11:35:02 PM): i said it once
Filter4738 (11:35:08 PM): or 3
MeALiLQt (11:35:12 PM): w.e.
Filter4738 (11:35:33 PM): but w/e maybe u cant count that high
MeALiLQt (11:35:41 PM): hahah sure
MeALiLQt (11:36:21 PM): its funny how u talk so much shit on this damn computer but if im near you u wont even look at me wrong
MeALiLQt (11:36:28 PM): typical webster pussy shit
Filter4738 (11:37:10 PM): keep thinkin ur a badass
Filter4738 (11:37:21 PM): one day you will get whats comin
MeALiLQt (11:37:28 PM): from who?
Filter4738 (11:37:40 PM): i dunno, someone sometime
Filter4738 (11:37:49 PM): i aint makin threats, i'm just sayin
MeALiLQt (11:37:49 PM): dude u think i never got beat up before
MeALiLQt (11:37:52 PM): ?
MeALiLQt (11:38:06 PM): i got jumped more times than uve seen fights
Filter4738 (11:38:19 PM): but u still think ur hot shit
MeALiLQt (11:38:21 PM): its part of growing up
Filter4738 direct connection is closed
MPS Hobbes: funny how hes the only one who hasnt grown up
Filter4738: i know
MPS Hobbes
: hes the one thats gonna be friggen 30 and making 16k a year fuckin vacuuming cars living off michelles parants
Filter4738: yea i know
MPS Hobbes
: w/e man fuck him...all i care about is that u dont gotta pay 2 fix your car
Filter4738: still gotta pay 500
: no gears posi or nuthin
MPS Hobbes
: yeah unless someone leaks something
Filter4738: no one will
: i'm not gonna go around threatening people
MPS Hobbes
: i would fuckin talk to angela or derick and try to find out somethin...if they refuse to talk, w/e....but if they give you anythin, give their names to the cops and tell them about the camera deal
MPS Hobbes: cuz 4 all u know it coulda been angela or some other fat btch
Filter4738: true
MPS Hobbes
: im sure brian had a hand in it, but he might not have acted alone
Filter4738: i know
: dude i cant sleep tonight
MPS Hobbes
: man i woulda fuckin called that school and found out when they pulled him over, when they let him leave, if they know when he left the school
MPS Hobbes: michelles mom wanted me to get her - yeah, my fucking ass
Filter4738: ima tell the po about it tomorrow
: and let them do that
MPS Hobbes
: jealous little fucker
MPS Hobbes: true
Filter4738: michelles mom knew she was there
MPS Hobbes
: yea and im sure she could care less....prolly *wanted* michelle to have a good time
Filter4738: yea
MPS Hobbes
: but brian couldnt handle her being around "gay kids" so he had to go up there
Filter4738: she knew the reason 4 goin up there too
MPS Hobbes
: u should ask dimitri if hes got an alibi - just be like "hey, just incase the cops ask you questions, where were you...can someone verify it?"
Filter4738: wtf man y does this shit gotta happen to me
MPS Hobbes
: cuz ur good at pissin off guys thru girls
Filter4738: already asked, his mom confirmed that he was home
MPS Hobbes
: alright then
Filter4738: yea i know
MPS Hobbes
: i fell safe in crossing him off the list
Filter4738: yea
: trust me he wasnyt out of the picture that easy
MPS Hobbes
: ok
Filter4738: wasnt*
: wtf i cant sleep
MPS Hobbes
: man i just wanna move the fuck away
Filter4738: i know right
: damn
MPS Hobbes
: if that kid would go to jail it would do the whole fucking town a favor
Filter4738: yea
: everyone
MPS Hobbes
: i wish he would move to florida
MPS Hobbes: eckey musta been pissed, huh?
Filter4738: i hope he gets killed when he goes down there 4 the trial
: oh yea
: he was like u want me to call the niggers
MPS Hobbes
: :-D
Filter4738: i was like not yet
MPS Hobbes
: yeah, exactly
Filter4738: mo would absolutely wreck brian
: not even tryin
MPS Hobbes
: hehe
MPS Hobbes: brian would so be a pussy and run and hide
Filter4738: niggers in the valley dont even mess with him
: i know
MPS Hobbes
: he wont leave michelles house for a week now
Filter4738: nope
MPS Hobbes
: till she gets temporarily pissed and they get into a fight lol
Filter4738: too bad, she just lost her 2 best friends, almost her only friends pretty much
MPS Hobbes
: yea
MPS Hobbes: i just hope katie really stays away from her....not like the last time u said you were not gonna talk to her anymore...
Filter4738: yea i know, but dude this is waaay to far
: katie wont talk to her trust me
MPS Hobbes
: ok
Filter4738: dude i just wanna go drivin around man
: fuck
: get the anger out
MPS Hobbes
: eh, take some benadryl and get some sleep
Filter4738: i'm never gonna sleep
MPS Hobbes
: yea you will
Filter4738: no way
: too much shit in my head
: lol, fuckin dimitri is all tellin me to go to bed
MPS Hobbes
: yeah, same here
MPS Hobbes: well sleeping will be the best thing...take some tylenol or somethin and listen to a short cd and you should be able to fall asleep....
Filter4738: yea w/e i'll talk 2 u tomorrow
MPS Hobbes
: ok sounds good
MPS Hobbes: ttyl